Sunday, March 27, 2016

Reddit gets drawn - BuffHagen + Daily sketch 309 - Southpark

I am really enjoying getting back into silly watercolour cartoons. I did a Reddit gets drawn picture of BuffHagen's dad and nephew. I really like the overall feel, though the nephew looks like some dwarf or something. I'd like to blame the size constraint making his features hard to draw but I do find myself having trouble drawing children.

I also did a daily sketch, the subject of which was Southpark. I decided to try for a half way realistic monochrome Reservoir Dogs pastiche, but when I had pencilled it it became clear to me it wouldn't work so I just did a straightforward watercolour. I kind of like it but I still have massive shortcomings when using watercolour, not helped by the paper being to thin to properly take it. Maybe if I had spent another hour on it I could have improved on it but I am not sure.

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