Monday, June 06, 2016

More Reddit prodded art

I've been too busy to do much drawing or painting recently, putting most of my time into projects that could be thought of as being 'work'. I did have time to do a few pieces. All three pieces here were done with Joshua next to me, him frantically stabbing my watercolours with the brushes and complaining that he wanted to use the colours I had mixed up instead of the dirty smudges he was creating. My poor brushes.

Daily sketch 363 - Swans

I am actually very happy with this! I really think it came out well,  though I should have added more contrast in the water.

Daily sketch 367 - Neptune

I like this one too, though Neptune's arm is definitely a bit weird. Unlike so much of my stuff it looks like I mostly intended it to look this way!

Reddit gets drawn - sir_megatron

I am not so sure about this one. It's a bit of a mess, like I couldn't decide whether to do a cartoon picture or try for something more realistic. Which is of course exactly what happened.