Wednesday, March 23, 2016

More Reddit daily sketches

I haven't posted much recently, so several daily sketches in one post.

299 - Pokemon
I'm too old to have been into Pokemon when they came out and I didn't want to just copy some anime, so I did a cartoon or Ash charging his phone on Pikachu. Not a great drawing.

300 - Pre Raphaelites
I've always kind of liked the pre Raphaelites. On the one hand they produced moody, atmospheric paintings but on the other side they were fairly boring usually. I went for a coloured pencil version of 'Angel playing a flageolet' by Edward Burne Jones. It's not awful but my unfamiliarity with coloured pencils and gutlessness with strong colours show though.

301 - Teeth
I suppose I could have tried to do something clever or interesting but instead I just did some pencil studies of teeth.

302 - Mermaids
I actually like this drawing. I was planning on colouring it in with watercolour but it turns out that the pens I used for the outlines aren't waterproof so when I tried the colours leaked and ran. Luck I took a picture first. Also I need practise drawing hands.

303 - Gerenuk
Gerenuks are a funky looking type of gazelle. I did a nice little drawing and coloured it in with watercolour. I quite like it, though I could have maybe used stronger colours.

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