Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Some old Reddit art

I haven't posted for ages, I just lost the energy and all the stuff I was producing seemed terrible. I'd like to start up again so this post is just a few of my favourite pieces from the oh, six months since I last blogged.

Gene Wilder (and Richard Pryor)
I'm still terribly with likenesses and my watercolour techniques is poor but I still like this.

A Western fence lizard for Daily sketch

The Reddit Snoo
One of my favourite pieces from last year. Most of it actually looks like I meant it that way
A rgd drawing
A drawing from a couple of weeks ago. It actually looks vaguely like the person.
Another rgd drawing
Another recent rgd piece. I've been trying out coloured pencils again, largely for the convenience. I still haven't worked out how to do skin tones correctly but I do like elements of this and it looks like the picture.
A Ulysses butterfly
Just a cute pixel butterfly.