Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Daily sketch 293 - Don Quixote & 294 Android vs iphone

Two daily sketches in a row!
The first was Don Quixote, he of windmills and stuff. I should really read it some time. I did a nice little watercolour sketch. I really wish I had more time because the idea is cool but the execution is just a little lacking. It actually got featured on the daily sketch instagram, which is nice!

The second was Android Vs Iphone. I was initially going to go full rule 34 but I was drawing it while looking after the kids so I decided to dial it back. I did a version of the iconic VJ kiss photo. I of course knew of the photo but I hadn't really looked at it closely before and while I can see why it is so well known there is definitely something wrong about it to me. The tension in the hand, the leering crowd and the way he almost has her in a chokehold. I posted about this on Reddit and apparently the sailor grabbed her roughly and she wasn't willing, then was traumatised by seeing the image posted everywhere.
Even though I actually really like my drawing and I wish I had had more time to flesh it out and add some colour.

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