Thursday, October 04, 2007

Toytown Tower Defense
This is my tower defense game. The one that I've been working on since january. It's a flash game, based on the tower defense maps from warcraft III, where you have to defend your castle against waves of monster coming along a set path by building towers to kill them. Unfortunately, in the time I took to polish it up and actually get my arse in gear and finish it a glut of this type of game have appeared on the web. Oh well, it serves me right.

It's still a really nice game. The graphics are all pixel animated and there are lots of gameplay additions to the general formula - a hero you control, power ups, bosses, auras you can activate on your towers that boost surrounding towers. Have a go. It's fun.

I actually finished this a few weeks ago. I spent a couple of weeks touting it around various games portals before deciding to self publish it on my website. So I redid my site and slapped some google adsense stuff on it (see previous post) and put it up there, then I went on holiday to the US for 2 weeks. I've just come back and been able to assess how it's done. In terms of plays it's done ok - it reached the 6 figures plays that I was hoping for. In terms of revenue, not so good. Don't laugh, but I made the horrible discovery that I missed out a question in the profile section of mochiads, so it's only been showing the free ads. Basically it's spent 2 weeks advertising other people's game sites for free. Ad sense has been better (of course), but still the money made hasn't been that great. I'm deciding what to do about it now.

Well I do it for the love of games anyway, right? Right?

(America was great btw.)