Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Daily sketch 288 - Samarkand and 290 - International women's day

I been spending all my free time working on my game so I haven't had time to do much drawing recently. I promised myself I would get some done this week, and managed to do something, helped in no lage part by having house guests sleeping in my study so  I couldn't use my computer in the evenings.

I did 2 daily sketches, both of them quite difficult subjects.

The first was day 288 - Samarkand, which is a beautiful and inspiring city in Uzbekistan. Unfortunately it's known for very precise and intricate tiles and architecture so it was extremely hard to draw. I opted for watercolour, but as usual the painting was ruined by my inability to take risks and use bright, strong colours. Also it would have probably helped if I had used a ruler.

The second was 290- International women's day. I was stumped as to what to draw so I started drawing a Lady Justice image. Half way through I realised how boring it was so I switched the scales and sword for a large severed set of testicles and some garden shears. Very silly but I am actually quite happy with it, though it might say something bad about my psyche, 

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