Thursday, November 01, 2007

9 Ball connect
I've just finished another game (yay!), and here it is, 9 Ball Connect. After the hellish, 8 month long slog that was making Toytown Tower defense I decided to do something smaller. I've always been a fan of the casual puzzle game type thing - tetris, bejeweled, that kind of thing so I thought I would do a quick fix casual game.

I've tried this before with Presents Panic, and that was a bit too complicated to be that successful so I wanted to do something that, at least on the surface was more straightforward. This is the result.

It's really easy, you connect balls in numerical chains to remove them. Depending on the size of the chain you get points and extra time with which to play. I wanted it to be relaxed and chilled, so I got some laid back blues music, then created some notes runs that went with a demo version of fruity loops (not sure about buying it if this kind of thing is all I use it for, but it's a neat program). The pool theme was suggested by a guy at work (thanks mike) and I really like it.

All thing considering I'm really happy with the game. But then I always am immediately after making a game. It's only after a few weeks that I can really look at it and assess it properly.