Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Reddit daily sketch 251 (Gesture drawing) and 258 (Wedding cakes) + Reddit gets drawn - zerolinks2014

I've been trying (and failing) to get stuff done on my game so I haven't had time to do very much artwork recently. I did manage to do two daily sketches and a rgd.

Daily sketch 251 was gesture drawing. This is supposed to mean quick, 30 second drawings which try to capture the flow of the subject with flowing gestures. I used this site which lets you customize the source images and time. I enjoyed it and it's definitely something I intend to try to do more whenever I have free time. Whether I can do this or wasting time on Reddit/my phone will win I'm not sure.

Daily sketch 258 was wedding cakes. I intended to either do one of those intricate pen drawings or do something I could colour in, but I lost interest towards the end of the main outline when it became clear how boring my picture was, so I just finished off the inking and left it at that.

I then did a drawing for Reddit gets drawn of user zerolinks2014 and I like it as a picture but it looks nothing like him, sadly. I really need to practise on getting likenesses, because at the moments it's just hit and miss. I think I also need a better idea of what I'm trying to do - a realistic picture or a cartoony caricature. At the moment I'm getting neither one nor the other and I'm ending with lots of disappointing results.

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