Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Reddit daily sketch 237 - Picnics and 238 - Lizards

There is a great subreddit, r/dailysketch where every day a subject is posted and you try to do a piece based on it. As well a encouraging you to do something every day it also gets you to draw lots of things which you otherwise wouldn't think about, which is awesome. Oh, and you get a cool flair counting how many times you submit a piece!

I know I'm not going to be able to do one every day but I've set myself the goal of getting the red sketch x100 fliar by the end of the year. That seems achievable. These are the latest two:

Day 237 - Picnics:

I missed the anthromopomorphic animals day a week earlier so I chose to do some animals having a picnic. I tried to do another digital piece with the tablet and Krita but I really don't like the result. I just didn't have enough time to put into it and I'm still too inexperienced with blending, the brushes and using the tablet.

Day 238 - Lizards

I'm much more please with this, and it took a fraction of the time. A simple ink and watercolour image in the mini watercolour book I got from my reddit secret santa.

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