Sunday, July 22, 2012

Why a roguelike?

Why am I making a Roguelike game, as opposed to some other type of game?
  • I really like roguelikes. This in itself is halfway to being a good enough reason to do one. 
  • I’ve wanted to do a roguelike for a long time. I have the beginnings of one that I started >5 years ago sitting on my computer so I don’ t have to start from scratch.
  • As I said I want to do something that will work on a mobile and a roguelike is ideally suited to playing on a mobile device since it’s turn based and therefore can be paused/restarted at any point. Since having a baby I've become a big fan of games that you can turn off immediately without losing any progress.
  • Roguelikes are generally very data/code heavy with minimal art and animation, and that means I can do most of it myself. I’m not bad at design and fairly decent at art but my core is the coding, and I’d like to think game design. This means I can concentrate on what I’m good at. I want to do it in Flash as an air for mobile app. Air seems to work pretty well even on low-mid range smart phones but it’s worth planning something that’s not going to be too graphically intensive.
  • There are several big communities of people making Roguelikes, so there are lots of resources I can access for help and in some situation for actually code for specific problems.
  • Roguelike have some really, really interesting decisions to make, and I have some of what I think are great and new ideas that I haven’t seen before in the genre. I think I have something to add.
  • There's lots of things you need to do for a roguelike that have use in other game types, so it will be nice to get a version working and to understand them. I think I'll learn a lot! Examples: pathfinding, level generation, line fo sight, ai.

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