Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What am I hoping to get out of it?

What I would love is that in the end I’ll have a great game that is good enough for me to be able to charge for on the app store/google play, and that will sell enough copies to justify me taking a few months out from contracting. I'd quite like to look into trying out some form of micro payments if I don't charge for the app, so some sale that way if I do this would be nice.

This may be unrealistic so I’d like at least to have a finished, decent game that works, and that I can put out on google play as a free download, and that it will interest a few people, and a flash version that will get some portal interest.

It’s important for me to get the mobile app version because this is an area I can see a lot of on-going growth, and an area I don’t have any experience in. I want something that I can show prospective clients that will make them think ‘this is someone who knows how to code and design for mobile’. The market for browser focused flash is still pretty good but the writing is on the wall and I realise I’m going to have to move onto something else. I've had a few recruiter ask for people with mobile experience, so hopefully getting some mobile stuff under my belt will help me get work. If I can see this through I'll definitely learn some new skills and get some better perspective on mobile/game design.

If it’s even mildly successful I’d like to leverage that to get more indie game work with less of the boring ‘pays the bill’ work I seem to end up doing so much work of these days. Maybe even some pure games design work. Wannabe games designer are 10 a penny, people with finished products under their belt are much rarer.

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