Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Sam's guide to freelancing
Part 1: Making an impression*  
Or rather, not making the wrong type of impression. 
This relates to two different facets of freelancing in digital agencies. The first is that most small to medium size agencies seem to have large tech departments, and as a consequence a gender spread of about 2 men for every woman. Unfortunately in too many case for me to count they will also have only 2 toilets and despite the gender disparity they divide them into one men's and one women's.  
The second is that at least initially people won't know who you are. Actually the chance are that they'll probably never know who you are unless they've worked with you directly. This means that if they need to refer to you down the line, say when they need more resource or (more likely) the project you worked on develops bug, they'll think of whatever first spring to mind.  
'Remember that big freelancer guy we had in?' 
 'You mean the dashingly handsome one?'  
'No, the morbidly obese one, you know, the one with really bad BO.'  
'Oh! That guy who did that huge dump in the women's toilet and we had to call the plumber?'  
Bingo. Don't let this be you.

*This may, or may not become an ongoing series depending on whether or not I can think of more nuggets of wisdom to share. And if I can be bothered.

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JC said...

That's priceless mate.

Where I am has about 30 M to 10 F, it's not funny, is it?

Mind you, the 10 F are pretty hot...